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Framingham Youth Football & Cheerleading

2024 Registration is now open

By FYFC 03/18/2024, 5:15pm EDT

2024 season starts on July 22nd

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2023 Calendar Winners

By FYFC 10/01/2023, 9:15pm EDT

Oct 1st winner is Tina Claxton, ticket sold by Kennedy Sullivan.

Oct 2nd winner is Michelle Jefferson sold by Matt Jefferson

Oct 3rd winner is Tracy Ann Elson, ticket sold by Jaydon Elson

Oct 4th winner is Martha Layler, ticket sold by Youssef Karradi

Oct 5th winner is Lauren Mello, ticket sold by Jake Raymond

Oct 6th winner is Amanda Heald, ticket sold by Ryan Cronin

Oct 7th winner is Marybeth Celorier, ticket sold by Sean Hingston

Oct 8th winner is Kamren Smith, ticket sold by Spencer Nguyen

Oct 9th winner is Jean Jewell, ticket sold by Colin Walsh

Oct 10th winner is Adam Wnukowski, ticket sold by Sophia Feldhouse

Oct 11th winner is Nancy Scimenes, ticket sold by Matteo Jefferson

Oct 12th winner is Cindy Celorier, ticket sold by Declan Geoghegan

Oct 13th winner is Colleen Finerty,  ticket sold by Jacob Stefanini

Oct 14th winner is Lissette Benitez, ticket sold by Mike Vargas

Oct 15th winner is Mathew McGuire, ticket sold by Alex Estremera

Oct 16th winner is Brian Garry, ticket sold by Brian Chagnon

Oct 17th winner is Donna Leung, ticket sold by Jameson Reilly

Oct 18th winner is Walter Eduardo, ticket sold by Ellie Eduardo

Oct 19th winner is Mary Kilgallen, ticket sold by Desmond Kilgallen

Oct 20th winner is Kristen Scott, ticket sold by Chase Dibenedetto

Oct 21st winner is our 5th grade player Igor Souza

Oct 22nd winner is Greg Rotatori, ticket sold by Augustin Capuzzi

Oct 23rd winner is Kelly Sheehan, ticket sold by Isabella Ryan

Oct 24th winner is Jane Reilly, ticket sold by Jameson Reilly

Oct 25th winner is Sandra, ticket sold by Miguel Frias

Oct 26th winner is Sophia Cousins, ticket sold by Marco Gonzalez

Oct 27th winner is Brad Gorney, ticket sold by Daniel Gorney

Oct 28th winner is Pedro Martinez, ticket sold by Isaac Ramos

Oct 29th winner is Allison Marques, ticket sold by Kennedy Sullivan

Oct 30th winner is Brad O'Brien, ticket sold by Kennedy Sullivan

Oct 31st winner is Sarah Babcox, ticket sold by Evan Babcox


2023 new Football Jersey's

By FYFC 05/15/2023, 10:00pm EDT

We have a new jersey design in 2023

For 2023 we have redesigned our football jersey's.  They are reversible and will have the players last name on the back.  Please sign up by June 15th if you want your child's last name and have a chance at picking up their favorite number if it is available.  Our 8th grade team is full, do not wait too long before the other teams fill up. 


2023 Registration is now open

By FYFC 03/26/2023, 1:45pm EDT

2023 registration is now open.  Click Registration on the grey bar, then pick the sport.  If you are a returning player.  You will have to create a new account.  

Please reach out to our registrar if you have any issues.


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